Since 2008 I have been organizing and hosting a great number of Socratic Dialogues.
According to me The Socratic Dialogue is the most beautiful and satisfying collective thinking method there is. It allows for intense cooperative talks during which a tremendous concentration is generated.
A socratic dialogue always works around a philosophical question chosen by the participants. This question relates to a common interest, specific situation, conflict or curiosity shared by the participants.
The dialogue can be seen as a journey through a philosophical landscape during which participants learn to listen and strongly bind their knowledge and experience.

A dialogue can be used to start up any conversation, project, exhibition or collaboration. It creates shared knowledge, deep analyses and mutual understanding. It generates an atmosphere in which the input of each participant is of great value. It can solve problems, misunderstandings and conflicts but also can create a breakthrough in ongoing projects.

It is beautiful to see how well people from all sorts of age, background and profession manage to think together and come to deep, precise and thorough out of the box thinking.

Socratic Dialogue inside the exhibition "FROM ICED DICE TO DICED ICE" by Frank Mandersloot. (2013)